China firm sets record for thinnest latex condom

A Chinese manufacturer has set the record for the world's thinnest latex condom with one measuring 0.036 millimetres, Guinness World Records said on Thursday.
The AONI condom made by Guangzhou Daming United Rubber Products beats one created in Japan, it said.
"The previous record-holder was Okamoto. Their thinnest condom had a thickness of 0.038mm," Charles Wharton, records manager of Guinness World Records' Greater China division, told AFP at a press event.
The Guangzhou company makes 200 million condoms annually and they are mainly sold in mainland China, according to its general manager Victor Chan.

Egg Carving

In Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties in China, people had the custom of presenting red eggs as a gift on weddings, birthday parties and child birth celebrations. At that time it prevailed even more in Beijing area with a considerable amount of egg consumption. Thus some people worked on the business of dyed red egg which is called the "color egg". Later, traders painted patterns on these eggs such as flowers and birds, fishes and insects and facial make-up for better sales. After years of evolution, the egg craft gradually improves. Nowadays, people may hollow the egg and carve exquisite patterns on the shell surface which finally forms a precious art with high appreciation value - egg carving.

Egg carving has a variety of crafts. One kind is to carve such patterns as figures, landscapes, birds and flowers on dark egg shell using burin with the formed patterns similar to the sketch or outline drawing; the other kind is to carve on thick duck or ostrich eggs with the method of bas-relief or hollow-out. The process of removal of egg liquid, disinfection and so on needs to be done after completing the egg carving. Due to fragileness, it is very difficult to carve on avian eggshell; hence egg carving products are not common in market.

2009 Art Center Car Classic

The Art Center College of Design has had a profound influence over car design for nearly eighty years. Located in Pasadena, CA, the Art Center has an alumni list that is the who's who of the automotive design world: Chris Bangle, Henrik Fisker, Chip Foose, J Mays, Freeman Thomas, and others. Since 2003, the famous college has opened up its doors to the public for an inside look at the facilities as well as a car show that celebrates the ever-changing shape of the automobile.

The theme for 2009 was "Air, Land & Sea," making for an even more eclectic group of cars that usually gathers on the campus grass. Showers enjoyed everything from a 1944 Volkswagen Schwimmwagen to a 1962 Roth Air Car to an original 1967 Batmobile brought by George Barris. Jay Leno, a faithful entrant to the show, brought out his EcoJet that seems to have become one of his favorite rides. Our thanks go out to Andre Ravinowich, who filled in for the SoCal Autobloggers that were unable to attend. Check out his high-res 50-shot gallery below.



* Body color is dark brown to gray

* Dark upper bands on front part of body

* Alternating dark blotches or crossbands on the rear part of upper body

* Half-moon or speckled markings on the belly

* Juveniles have a lighter body color than adults

* Strongly keeled scales

* Nonvenomous

* Diet: fish, frogs, toads, small mammals, and insects

* Habitat: wetland areas

* Distribution: Bon Homme County—Springfield

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